Monday, October 10, 2011

What a few GORGEOUS Michigan Autumn Days I just spent with my family.  Clear blue skies, vibrant leaves, cool temperatures (in the mornings and evenings- ha).... if I ordered exactly the kind of days I wanted when I decided to go to Michigan this fall, these would have been the days I ordered.  Gifts from a God who knows me intimately.

This tree is right near my parents' house.... and so much prettier and breath-taking in real-life than the picture captures.... but sitting tonight back in Alabama looking at the picture, what I notice most are the patches in the road.... reminders of what is to come after the beauty of Autumn.... and Michigan winters take a toll on Michigan's roads.  And now I just feel sad tonight.  Contemplative.  Melancholy.  Alone.  Missing Michigan.  Missing Family. Missing my kids. 

Because this is how you feel when you stop noticing the beauty and start focusing on the potholes.