Sunday, November 27, 2011


If you read my blog post from last night... you are lucky.  Because I just deleted it.  I just decided it was stupid, pointless ramblings.  Ha.  If you didn't read it, then you are lucky, as well.

Right now I have a TON of schoolwork to be doing, but I am procrastinating by balancing my checkbook, checking Facebook, writing on my blog, etc. I am the queen of schoolwork procrastination.  I mastered the art when I was in college the first time!

I'm also sick with a head cold/flu.  It hasn't been bad enough where I have felt like I needed to stay in bed.... but it's not good, either.  I'm all runny and stuffy (alternating!), coughing, kind-of achy, afraid I have a sinus infection, etc.  It's hard to study when you are sick.  I'm also so happy that when my mom was down last, we found a great deal on Kleenex at Krogers and we each got 10 boxes.  So I have a stockpile to work through.  I have a box in every room, plus one sitting here on the kitchen table while I type.

Thanksgiving was fabulous with my sister and her family down here.  I wish they could move in permanently!  :-)

I was saying in my post of last night that I am changing my major starting in January.  Sitting here trying to get my checkbook to balance... well... I can't say I am going to miss Accounting all that much.  Ha ha. I love it when it balances... but when I can't make it, I feel very frustrated!!!!  Right now I have a $6.02 discrepancy.  That makes me crazy.

I will tell you about my new major in another post.  I'm going to go now and study SOMETHING.  I've had straight A's all semester and I want to finish strong!  Woo hoo!


Melissa said...

I read the first blog. Too bad I can't get those few minutes of my life back. :)