Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Novel Idea

So I was talking yesterday about our Taylor Swift concert trip to Memphis and how I had mostly positive thoughts on my 3 1/2 hour drive home.  As I've thought about it, it wasn't so much the positive thoughts, but more the lack of negative thoughts that surprised me.  I wasn't spending my time worrying about my future, stewing over things that other people are doing or have done that have upset me, or that kind of thing.  I felt a sense of well-being that has mostly eluded me in life.  I like it.

So one of the "possibility" things that I was thinking about is.... writing my novel.  I had (a year or so ago) what I thought was a good idea for a fictional book and started writing it.  I haven't returned to it in months, though.  I think in my mind I usually have myself defeated before I even really get started on something.  But it occurred to me last night that my idea IS pretty good and there is no reason whatsoever I couldn't get a book published.  Other people do it!  There's even a girl who I used to go to church with (with whom I once attended church) who published her first book within the past year or so.  And she's just a normal person, I think.  At least back when we were friends she seemed fairly normal.  :-) 

I think really I was having one of those moments where you look at your life and you think... dude, you're 41.  You're really blessed.  You have three beautiful kiddos and a nice life.  And that's great.  But- every time you blink, time is getting away and for real, you're running out of time to do the things you think would be really cool to do.

And I think it would be really cool to write a book.

(And dad... you're even older than 41 and you need to write YOUR book, too! ;-))

So- here's the deal.  I'm back to working on my novel.  I'm making a mental commitment to spend a couple hours EVERY WEEK on it whether I want to or not.  And I might even go to a writer's workshop or something.


Melissa said...

GO FOR IT!!!!! I'll be in line to buy the first book!!!!! But I would like a dedication to me. "To my dear sister Melissa. Without her, I would be nothing" :)

MOM said...

Hey I think I should be mentioned before you! : 0

Melissa said...

Why, mom, what did you do? ha ha