Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Like.. alot of years ago
I met this girl named Misty
And Her name wasn't Christy.
Sometime later I started to call her Misty Lou Who
Don't ask me why, it really doesn't concern you.

We met at church (which is a great place to meet)
When we were both newly married with shoes still on our feet.

But soon we were barefeeted and pregnant
And that's just how it went. (Oh yeah, she's an Accountant).

Through................ quitting our jobs and having babies
 and sleepless nights, potty training and scabies (just kidding!)

 VBS and teaching Sunday School together
 and learning the Beatitudes forever and ever

 and going to young mommy's bible study and hanging out and laughing
 and talking and sharing and gossiping and passing.... (notes)

 and many trials and tribulations.....

A friendship was forged.
A river was gorged.

Possibly no one has been there for me as much as this girl
She's really put up with alot- she probably wants to hurl.

Together we've never eaten beef jerky
But she can do a Herkie!

And I miss her so much now that we don't share a church
And there's been so much pain and a whole lot of hurt

And I'm sorry for this because it's mostly my fault
I don't like pepper, but please pass the salt.

I know we will be friends a really long time
Because eventually we will die and be together in the sweet by and by.

Jesus, bless my sweet and generous friend
And guide us to a place of amends.
The end.


Misty said...

You have no idea how much I needed that cry/laugh tonight!! I love you Brenda Lou Who and miss you so much! Can I get a signed copy of this poem all about me?! I know it will be famous one day when you get that novel published!! And my Herkie these days is seriously lacking in height and form! ;)