Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Kids and their many Faults

This post is in response to Kristy's comment that it seems I have perfect kids. First, please keep in mind that I only put the very best things about them on my blog because that's all their grandparents want to hear!! :-) Second, um.......... my kids are SO NOT "easy". Anyone who knows my kids and reads that will laugh, I promise you. I have put in 13 LONG years of blood (literally), sweat and tears raising these little angels and I do see some progress...... but........

This one... he has a temper and he gets mad RIGHT NOW. He doesn't even take a moment to think about it- he just reacts and it's usually negatively. He wasn't spanked enough because we have always thought he was such a cutie.... (heed my warning all you with little ones... spank them often, and the cuter they are, the more they need it!) So he's either throwing a temper tantrum, or acting like a baby most of the time. And usually his teachers complain that he won't stop talking in class. Oh, and he has horrible handwriting.This one with the Myspace Face... wow.... I could write volumes about her, starting at birth. She came home from the hospital ready for some action... she slept about a total of 8 hours in every 24 hour period and it was usually during the day. I was so sleep-deprived I wanted to return her for a refund. She is strong-willed, sassy, bossy and look at that eye makeup! She seems to think the more, the better. One of our favorite stories about her is the time my parents and I were coming back from Chattanooga with the kids and Sarah wanted Libby to sing a song with her. They were probably 7 and 5? Well, Libby wouldn't sing and Sarah was heard to say, "Libby, you have two choices. You can either sing, or I will kick you all the way home". And she fully meant it, I assure you.

Now this one- I think she had potential to be a very sweet child, based on her temperment at birth... but all of that sweetness was beaten out of her by her older sister. (Just kidding- she's still a little bit sweet), but she also has a temper and when she gets mad, she screams at the top of her lungs. The first time she went to school in 3rd grade, at our first parent-teacher conference, I was told that she had been forging good grades on her AR log... giving herself 80s and 90s when the computer log showed that she had actually been mostly getting 40s and 50s. That about sums Libby up- always trying to beat the system, if she thinks she can. And it was no problem to find that picture of her because EVERY TIME I download pictures onto the computer, there are several new ones like this of Libby (or her subjects)... using up my camera battery and space taking silly pictures of herself. Drives me crazy!

Now, I really do love them.... but they are so far from perfect. Ha. I just had to set the record straight.


Deanna said...

lol I'm glad I don't have the only 7/8 year old who throws tantrums still.

Kristy said...

You are so funny Brenda!

But really, I do feel better!!

I know, it is so easy to look at somebody's else's life, kids, house, whatever, and think it looks better than your own. I guess because one knows all their own....stuff (the good, bad and the ugly) - and we usually only see the good of others.

Thanks for the funny post - to set the record straight. Of course I still think they are great kids!