Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Floor Update

We're getting our new kitchen floor this week. Due to water damage from our dishwasher AND a series of leaks under the sink (in January!!!!!!), we are finally getting the new floor and the dishwasher will be repaired (or replaced). I will be so happy to have this done and NOT have to do dishes by hand any longer.... you have no idea.

Here is a "before" picture from March when I was waiting on the plumber...

And here is what it looked like yesterday after they left. They actually had to take out the sink and the cabinets on the bar area and the dishwasher so they could replace the plywood underneath. This picture was taking after they ripped out the old floor.
The black stuff on the floor is some sort of vinyl they lay down to protect the subflooring.
Sarah posing where the refrigerator used to be (it's in the dining room for now).

The sink in the living room.

Hopefully in a few days I will have lovely "after" pictures to show. I am kind-of excited! I also had an idea a couple nights ago that I am still mulling over in order to help me enjoy my kitchen more. It has outdated brass knobs (pulls) on all of the cabinets and drawers and they are getting worn looking, so I am thinking of replacing them. I've been looking online and the really cute ones are kind-of expensive (as much as $10-$15 EACH)... and I will need 31 of them... so right now I am thinking of buying plain wood pulls from Lowes (for $1.99) and painting or staining them myself.


Kristy said...

That is exciting! A newly remodeled kitchen (at least part of it).

When we rebuilt our house, and purchased all new kitchen cabinets (and everything else from the ceiling down), when it came time to buy the knobs - I couldn't decide either. That's why there is none! I am pretty simple, and there were some pewter ones for about $2 each that I liked, but it's just not something I really need (and there are no holes in the cabinets already, so it doesn't look like something is missing). But every now and then, I do think about installing some.