Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beautiful Flowers from a Beautiful Friend

The award for "The Most Thoughtful Gesture by a Friend" goes to my friend Misty, who yesterday, on my first day of work, had flowers delivered to me!! I was sooooo surprised and delighted! Aren't they gorgeous?!!!! They really brighten up the office. And if I was as thoughtful as Misty, I would not mention this next part....but...... she had written on the card "Happy Birthday a Day Early", and my birthday is actually JULY 9 and not JUNE 9. Because of that error, I will have to reconsider her application for the position of BFF (I think you will agree a BFF should know the birthday).... but I'll keep her anyway. Flowers wins her BIG points.
The job....... I think the jury is still out. I have worked more hours than I intended and I do not enjoy being away from home so much. I miss the kids (yes, you heard me correctly!) and I'm tired. It's also kind-of lonely there, as it's a small company and everyone (but me) is at job sites frequently. But, it's only been two days and I will give it some more time. I can handle the work and will enjoy getting my first paycheck. And it is definitely good for my emotional health to be busy. Also... who knows how God may intend to use me while I'm there....


Misty said...

I thought I was doing so good!! If I had taken my brain off of auto pilot I would have realized I had the wrong date, but I was just going by my calendar and had mindlessly written it in the wrong month. Sorry! You know you love me anyway!!!!

Kristy said...

So sweet of Misty! That was so nice on your first day!

I know, it must be hard, being away from home so long, being away from the kids and getting used to a drastic change in your schedule. I think about the same thing for myself one day. One day it will be our new normal - or at least I hope it will "feel" normal one day - to work outside the home.

I wish you the best of luck.