Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm posting to UPDATE everyone on the happenings in our lives. I intend this post to cover alot of ground. I'll try to keep the words to a minimum! :-) The first update is that I dropped my camera and the flash is broken. Tim is working on fixing it, but that will explain why I don't have any good pictures to show. All my pictures are either out of focus or the lighting is bad, or both. Please, just bear with me. :-)

Next, the kitchen floor is just about done. It would be completely done, but when they were finishing up today, one of the guys scratched the floor (a gouge about 2 feet long! oopsy!) and so they have to come back and fix it. Other than that, the floor looks awesome! I am really, really happy with it. It was almost worth the water leak to get a floor I like better than the one I had.

The next exciting news is we got a new dishwasher... yay! No more dish-pan hands!!!Today I had my first JOB INTERVIEW that I have had in like 15 years. :-) It's a long story, but I am sort-of looking for something part time now that the kids are in school. I had sent out some resumes a few weeks ago, but hadn't heard anything and had since put the idea of a job out of my mind for now. But then I got a call and went for an interview today for a part-time administrative assistant job. It is a job very similar to the one I had before I had Sarah... small company, similar work, pleasant environment. I think the interview went well and expect an offer. My problem now is deciding if I want to take it, if it is offered. I've also been contemplating cleaning houses... is there something wrong with me that cleaning houses sounds more appealing than a nice office job???

Here is me before I left for the interview this morning:

We've been getting to spend alot of time with Sam... he took two or three naps last week cuddled up with Libby on the couch... so sweet.

Sarah has four soccer games this weekend, starting tonight (a mini regional tournament). In a couple weeks they have the area tournament. They're not the best team I have ever watched (did I just say that?!) but she is having fun. Both she and Jacob will play soccer again in the fall.

Jacob has a couple more weekends of roller hockey, too. I got to go watch him for the first time last Saturday and it was so much fun. They played 2 on 2 (sometimes they play 3 on 3) and the rink (training facility, actually) is in the back of a Piggly Wiggly warehouse. (Piggly Wiggly is a grocery store, for those unfamiliar with it... and yes, it's a stupid name for a grocery store!! :-)) He was the star of his team this past Saturday. I was also really proud of him because there was a boy that was playing for the first time and Jacob could have just played the whole game himself and scored lots more goals than he did (as it was he scored like 7), but he was a good sport and tried to include the new kid by passing to him and letting him take the face offs. Jacob is like that and I love it about him. Here he is a couple weeks ago (he's number 1 in the blue jersey in these pictures). Going for a goal.......
And just to give equal time, Tim got a better picture of Libby at the piano recital than I got. He didn't get any of Sarah, though.

And that's the story from the Newmans.... :-)


Kristy said...

That's alot of GOOD stuff. Let me tell you, when both of my first two were in school, I was trying to decide about a job. I wanted something flexible, with no real demands. I began cleaning houses. I had 3 - and they all were really nice people (with nice homes). I only charged $50 a house - I did 2 one week and one the other. So every week, I had at least 1 to clean. It was extra money, without the "pressures" of a job. But, it does get tiring on these old bones, and knees ;)! You might find the office job something that you really like!