Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cool Symbolism

The teacher in Sunday School this morning shared something kind-of cool that he said he had read on the internet. Now, I can't verify his facts (I spent 1/2 hour searching, but came up with nothing), but I think it's good whether the facts are true or not.... so I'm sharing. Does this look like your front door or any of the doors in your house? This is what all of our doors look like:

The teacher says that this is a six-panel door from a Puritan Architectural style, and it served as a visual reminder upon entering (or leaving) that Christ was victorious on the cross over death and also fulfilled the law. See below for my "visual" of this....

Cool, huh? So, if this didn't come from the Puritans, but rather from Home Depot... (ha ha) when you look at the doors in your house, be reminded of what Christ did for you!


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