Friday, September 11, 2009

Libby Made It!

Dear Student,

Congratulations on making the yearbook team! The staff and I would like to say that we were very impressed by your application and the effort you put forth in your portfolio. We feel that you would be an excellent contributor to our team, and we are looking forward to working closely with you.

That's an excerpt from the letter that Libby got at school today! We are so excited! Not all of the kids who turned in a "portfolio" made it. In fact, one of Libby's best friends didn't. :-( She had to submit an essay, a sample "yearbook page" and several samples of pictures she has taken, preferrably of people. Below are a couple of the photos she submitted (because I thought Claudia and BaBa would like to know their beautiful faces helped Libby!)

YAY LIBBY!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! Yipppeeee! You go girl!


Kristy said...

How exciting! Congratulations Libby!!!

I love those pictures! (My sweet Uncle Joe!)