Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunset With God

Last Christmas, SOMEONE (Elsie?) gave me this little devotional book subtitled "Meditations to End Your Day God's Way" and it took me until this past week to start reading it. I love the cover and found out that this book can be judged by its cover! Each devotional is just a page or two long and I have found them all to be very interesting and a nice way to end the day, so I have placed it on the stand beside my bed.
A couple nights ago... the devo was entitled "Evening and Morning". Here are some excerpts:
In the Book of Genesis, each day of creation is concluded with the phrase, "and there was evening, and there was morning." From the Hebrew perspective, the day begins at evening, specifically with the setting of the sun.... Consider the priorities evidenced by their way of life:
First, a focus on prayer and one's relationship with God
Second, an emphasis on family life.
Third, a daily study of Scripture, making God's Word the last thoughts of the day.
Fourth, rest and sleep.
It was only after a Hebrew talked with God, enjoyed the love and fellowship of family, studied the Scriptures, and rested, that work was undertaken! What would happen in your life if you adopted this strategy for your evening hours?

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Kristy said...

How true. That looks like a great book.