Saturday, March 6, 2010

Extreme Kitchen Makeover


"Extreme" probably isn't the word. But I did a little impromtu kitchen makeover this morning that I am very pleased with.... bringing back into style the WALLPAPER BORDER!! Woo hoo! (I personally never stopped liking them).

I did have a trivet hanging where this picture now is... but I moved the trivet to another location and hung up this picture that Tim took a couple years ago and we had enlarged... I found the frame for 50 cents at the thrift store. :-)

And this is how the oven area turned out. I only had the one small strip left and so I used it to cover the holes above the stove that were left there when we got our new oven and it went up higher in the back than the previous oven.... so I had to remove the trivets I used to have hanging there, leaving holes.... then I hung the trivets that used to hang above the old stove to the sides:

This actually started because I found a border I thought would look good around my tub (the paint is peeling off the wall and I don't want to repaint) in the clearance bin at Wal-mart. So then I thought of the holes in the kitchen wall and looked for something for the kitchen. I hope to have pictures of the bathroom soon!


Sonja said...

It really looks good. Perks up the kitchen. I'm with you I've always loved borders. That's why I put it in my kitchen. Now, wallpaper that's a whole different story!

Deanna said...

Wow, you really went crazy! lol ;)

Looks nice!

Kristy said...

Brave girl. I hate doing borders and such - just the work of it. But, it looks great. And I love extreme makeovers!

The Ahmeds said...

You really went through some work!Good thing your kids are in school!