Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Jacob

Happy Birthday to Jacob! It just hit me... today my "baby" Jacob turns 9 so I only have one more year with a child in the single digits. (Unless God has a big surprise in store for me!) And unfortunately, I only have a few more months in the 30's myself... so it's just a reminder to ENJOY every day, I guess. But I feel so old.

Last night to celebrate, Tim took Jacob and a couple friends to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and then they came back and spent the night. Here they are eating pizza and cake:

And here is Jacob "blowing" out his candles by fanning them with a book (why? Because he's Jacob).

One last candle refused to be extinguished except by the traditional method.

Jacob opening his Party Popper and spraying confetti all over. (Which I am still cleaning up this morning).

Since today is also the FIRST DAY OF SPRING ... it reminded me that last year on Jacob's birthday I took pictures of him in our Cherry Tree.....

Here is a picture of the tree taken today.... (This is proof, I think, that we've had a bad winter... spring is so confused, it doesn't even know it's supposed to be here today!)

But I can't wait for this tree to bloom! It's a very joyous thing every year!

For Melissa, you specifically told Jacob not to do "The Jacob" on anyone today, but he just couldn't refuse..... (here's poor Libby enduring the pain).

For those who don't know.... "The Jacob" is named for the little rascal who invented it. He invented it on his Aunt Melissa... by coming up behind her and digging his head into her calf. If you've experienced it, you know it hurts.

For mom, here are some more pics of the kids taken today (or recently):

Pretty Libby. Jacob jumped in the picture with a piece of french toast. (Why? Because he's Jacob).
Sarah and Jacob dancing...

Sarah.. prettier every day!



The Ahmeds said...

Happy Birthday, Jacob! Your old friend Noah says it too!

Melissa said...

Kelli says to tell Jacob hi and happy birthday. We really liked the picture of "The Jacob"! All the pictures were very cute!!! I can't believe how old they all are already. Where did the time go?

Kristy said...

That is so cute - all the pics! They look like they adore each other (hey, at least in pictures!). Didn't realize his birthday and Jalyn's birthday were so close - hers is March 24th, but she will be 11.