Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March... in like a Polar Bear

Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. Romans 15:2 (ESV)

It's March 2 in Alabama. Not Michigan or Alaska, mind you. This is Jacob walking to the bus this morning. We're usually in shorts by this time of year.
But back to the subject of pleasing our neighbor to build him up... the man a couple houses down from us lost his wife last fall/summer to cancer. All he has now is a grown daughter and his dog. Last night, Sarah and I were out for a walk/jog after dark and we saw him walking his dog and I decided to alter our intended route so that we wouldn't pass him. Seriously, I was mostly just not wanting anyone to see me jogging. But as we jogged on, Sarah commented, "You know mom, we should have caught up to Mr. B and walked with him a while. He's probably lonely and could have used someone to talk to".

Ouch. Hate it when my kids are more wise and thoughtful than me. I went to bed thinking I am going to be more mindful of people around me and how I can meet their needs instead of worrying about how I look or my own agenda. When I took the picture of the calendar this morning, I wasn't surprised by the reminder. :-) And I think Mr. B could use some homemade cookies and a visit later today... so I've added it to my "list".

Who could use some cookies and a visit today from you? :-)


Kristy said...

Very sweet. I do that too - just rushing through life, it seems easier to avoid people. Makes things go faster. Then that small voice whispers at how I could have used that opportunity. And I try to remember to listen and to love - not to avoid for my own sake.

Gotta say - I would love to trade that weather with you!

Kristy said...
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The Ahmeds said...
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The Ahmeds said...

We have this neighbor that's heard to get along with and we always try to not let her see us, because she can talk forever on the subject of grammar/english and how it'll be hard to get along in the world without grammar/english. To tell the truth, grammar/english isn't on my top-two-list of favorite subjects. Math and history ( actually Alabama History) are on the top-two-list.
And I'll agree iwth you on the weather....I'm more than ready for spring....or more like summer! :)!


Sonja said...

Thanks for the reminder. I think it is easier to go around rather than to face things head on like that!

Brenda said...

When I read your comment, Sonja, I thought of that time I saw you in Target and the kids were like, "Mom! There's Miss Sonja!" and I turned around and went the other way because I didn't want to talk to ANYONE and Sarah said, "Mom. What is wrong with you?!" I was seriously depressed then and that was one of the moments that sort-of helped me realize that. It's pretty bad when I am trying to avoid my good friends. (Notice I didn't say BFF- you have BFF qualities, but we'll leave it at "good friend"). ha ha ha ha

Kristy- you can have our weather. Although it's supposed to be 70 by this weekend! Woo hoo!!! We'll probably all be sick by then from the fluctuations!