Monday, May 17, 2010


Today's segment is on security blankets. BLANKIES, if you will. Did you have one? Do you still have one?! I had one as a child. I still vaguely remember it and I still remember consciously deciding to give it up- I'm not sure how old I was. Maybe my mom remembers? Now I have a certain pillow that I have to have to hug when I sleep. Anyway... last night Libby and Jacob and I were talking about quilts (looking at the one my mom made me and the fabric Libby bought so my mom can make her one, too!) and that led to a discussion about their blankies, both of which are quilts. I asked if I could photograph them with their blankies for my blog.. Libby consented as long as I make the disclaimer that she doesn't sleep with it anymore.Hers was made by her great great Aunt Leona (Tim's dad's mother's sister)***NOTE: It was Aunt MARTHA and not Aunt Leona who made the quilt***. It was ADORABLE when new. Now it is tattered and worn from lots of love......and a little anger. The picture below shows the spot where Sarah at 4 or 5 years old, got mad at Libby and CUT her blankie.Jacob is man enough to allow you to see his. His is actually a quilt that was made for me when I was pregnant with Sarah by a lady at church. I didn't realize Jacob was getting attached to it until it was too late. If I had realized he was going to become attached to a blankie... I would have pushed for one a little more "manly" for him. But this isn't the type of thing you can always foresee and choose. His is worn from lots of love, too.And he wrote his birthday on the back in sharpie. ????Then, since Sarah wasn't home, we snuck upstairs and got hers to photograph without her consent. Hee hee. For the record, she hasn't slept with it in ages, but she still keeps it tucked away in a cabinet. She had this blanket (two sheets sewn together by Tim's grandma Frank) and a "changing pad" (one of those thick pads you can lay on the changing table) that she slept with for the longest time. She had to have both of them.

One sweet memory I have is this. Sarah enjoyed putting the changing pad on her stomach, under her shirt. I think she enjoyed it because it was a little "cold" like when you flip over your pillow to get to the "cold" side. Well, shortly after Jacob was born (she was five at the time and she loved him as if he were her own baby)... I walked by him in his bouncy seat and he was laying there with Sarah's changing pad under his shirt on his tummy. I guess she figured if it felt good to her, it would feel good to him, too. Sooooo sweet. I wish I had taken a picture.


MOM said...

I think I'm going to cry.

The Ahmeds said...

I had( and still sleep with it, and still have it) a blanket when I was really little, and I've been really attached to it. I still need it, and I bring it everywhere.
My grandmother said that once I left " Mik" at home when I came to her and Papa's place to spend the night. I cried and cried, and finally she got a subsitute blanket...not without plenty of tears.... :)

Kristy said...

What a sweet post! I had a "blankie" forever. My dad used to threaten he would throw it away, I don't remember why.... I used to always sleep with it, and cry with it as a teenager (you know, when your parents are horrible and all that boy stuff). LOL! It was a white tattered baby blanket of some sort - but with Katrina washing aways all my possessions, sadly - this is gone too :(

Anonymous said...

Blanket is from Martha, not Leona

Brenda said...

Sorry- I meant to make that correction about Aunt Martha.