Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where does she get it?

This was my (belated because she left it at a friend's house) Mother's Day Card from Sarah. (I did a bad job scanning, but it's 4:10 in the morning, so work with me). It says on the front "Hey Mom! Thanks for teaching me so many wonderful things over the years.Inside: Especially that potty training thing! (I can't tell you how many times that has come in handy). I laughed hard! Thought I would share. (The stuff she has written are little inside jokes with us). I love how she's developing a sense of humor so similar to mine!


Melissa said...

A sense of humor like yours? SCARY.

The Ahmeds said...

Sarah really has a sense of humor! Mom's teaching me to use the bathroom has come in handy to me too!!! I agree with Sarah on that!!!!! :)

Kristy said...

That is too funny! And what are you doing up at 4:10 am????