Monday, May 24, 2010

Whosoever Meaneth You

Piano recital was Saturday Night. I'm not sure how many will remember my bad luck at last years' piano recital trying to record or even get a single good picture of the girls. It seems a trend has started. First, I searched the house for two days looking for the charger for the dead-batteried camcorder so I record them and share... but to no avail. So I went to Plan B and I was going to rely on my little camera to do the recording. The teacher starts to introduce Libby, I'm happily recording away... and then it stops and I get "Memory Card Full". I managed to delete enough videos/pictures to capture about 9 seconds of her before I got the message again. I was then so obsessed with the camera, I didn't get to really focus on Libby playing. But here you go- the 9 seconds I got.

Libby was the first to play, at our request, so she could leave immediately thereafter, because she had to get to a birthday party. She played beautifully, and though she claimed she was very nervous, I couldn't tell. Upon leaving the church, we ran into some family members who were late entering and she said to them, "My heart is still beating!!!" We were all very relieved to hear it.

Yada yada yada (that means I'm going to leave out a big chunk of the story here)...... I ended up getting back to the recital much later than I had planned, hot and sweaty, irritated, tired (and hungry), just in time to hear the end of the boy who played JUST AFTER Sarah. :-( I was SO disappointed.

Last night, Tim found the charger for the camcorder... so I will make those pesky pianists sit down and play their songs again and then I will upload them here for your viewing/listening pleasure (with the realization that it is really only my parents and MAYBE my sister who want to see them).

Don't worry... I won't leave you without ANY form of amusement here at Brend-a-muses. Before the recital started, I browsed through this....

I think if you don't get what's amusing to me about this song title... it wouldn't do me any good to explain it. (And thanks to my Mother-in-Law for pointing out to me that the verse they quote under the song is from the NIV... that just makes it all the much better.)

At the bottom of the page, my suspicions were confirmed. This song is, indeed, IRREGULAR.
Jacob and granddad... know that "whosoever" meaneth them.

*No representation is made that the quality of the services of the Baptist Hymnal are better or worse than the quality of the hymnals of any other denomination or, further, that Baptists themselves are any better or worse than the members of any other denomination. God loves all his children, probably most especially the ones who write ridiculous songs.

Sarah was beautiful, but was too nervous to smile:
Libby was nervous (and beautiful), but in a happier sort of way:


The Ahmeds said...

Good job, Libby ( and Sarah)! i like Libby's 9 sec. clip that you got! Pretty song !!!!
Sarah looks so grown- up! Is that make-up she had on?