Thursday, May 13, 2010

God Loves You!

I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to decide whether to say (for all the world to read) that my Psychiatrist recommended this book to me on a sheet he gave me called "Resources for Emotional and Spiritual Health". Ha. There, I said it. (And if you know me, you know I'm crazy, anyway. Ha ha). I actually started going to this doctor so he could manage my medication(s) for depression and he has turned out to be SUCH a spiritually encouraging counselor. His faith in God's power is BIG and he prays with me and listens to me and recommends good books. One of which I now share with you.... This book's message is simple... God loves us little Ragamuffins and He loves us intensely and unconditionally. And there's not one thing we can do to earn his acceptance. We should be blown away by that! Yet, at least for this Ragamuffin... I struggle to really believe it. I mean, to believe it in a way that permeates me... changes me... and sets me free.

On the back of my copy of the book it says "We believe in God's grace - in theory. But, somehow, we can't manage to apply it to our day-to-day lives". Amen. This book is like a cup of cold water in dry and dusty wilderness. (Which, if you want to know more about that wilderness... the book I previous recommended "One In A Million" is destined to become one of my all-time favorites... so just another plug on that one!) Anyway... I am reading these books and catching glimpses of God's love that cause me to lose my breath and stop and close my eyes and just accept it, if just for a minute. God is so much bigger than we can ever imagine and capable of so much more than we will probably ever have the faith to see!

Okay- a snippet of the author of the book, Brennan Manning, speaking can be found on Youtube and I am including it as my next post (scroll down). Next time I will know how to include it IN THE POST I AM TYPING. This time, you have to scroll down because I'm just a beginner at this "embedding" thing. It's just a 3 1/2 minute snippet- but very good.

Secondly.... my FAVE band, Tenth Avenue North, released their second CD on Tuesday and yeah- they've done it again. Now, it usually takes me listening to a CD about 3 or 4 times before I can say if I truly love it... and I have only gotten through this one twice (and I fell asleep the second time, so we'll call it one and a half) but so far, I think I do love it. Their lyrics are SO encouraging... I just sat and read them the other night waiting on Sarah at soccer. So affirming of God's love and SOOOO in keeping with all I have been reading and hearing and learning about God lately. I just love them (I'll hug them all if I ever meet them) and thank God for their hearts and the way they minister to my soul.

I leave you with a snippet of the lyrics from "Strong Enough to Save" which might be my favorite....
"Wait, everything can change, in a moment's time. You don't have to be afraid, cause fear is just a lie, Open up your eyes.. And he'll break open the skies to save those who cry out his name, the one the winds and waves obey, is strong enough to save you"
(Go to Youtube and search it- you can listen to it there! I'm too tired to find it myself right now!)


Kristy said...

We are different, and yet so much alike. I knew that Tenth Avenue North released a new CD, and actually planned to buy it today when I go shopping - now I won't forget it!!!
I have heard of that book before, but never read it. But you know I will be looking for it now. I struggle with the same issues that you mentioned. I always hear how God loves us unconditionally, and can look at other people and believe that, but it's hard to believe it for myself. Strange.
Thanks for the recommendations!

Lisa notes... said...

So you're making me want to read "The Ragamuffin Gospel" again. It's been a long time and I don't remember much about it.

You'll have to read Manning's "A Glimpse of Jesus", too.

Here's a blurb to get you started :-)

When the Crucified One says, “I’m dying to be with you,” and then whispers, “Will you die a little to be with me?” my sluggish spirit is stirred (unfortunately not always) to prefer the pleasure of his company to whatever trinket of creation is mesmerizing me at the moment.