Friday, September 10, 2010

This Week in My Life


Outside my window...sunny, a little breezy, birds flying by, green leaves on trees that will soon turn colors (and hopefully not just brown because that happens some years)

I am thinking...that some homemade cookies sound really good and I bought some Heath Bar bits at the grocery store yesterday.....

I am thankful for...some peace and quiet, a relatively clean house

In the learning rooms... projects, tests, math homework EVERY night

I am eating...drinking a glass of ice water!

I am wearing...khaki shorts, Possum Trot, KY T-shirt

I am (got some new beads yesterday)

Around the house... more cleaning out, hauling things away

I am a new bible study tonight that I am a little nervous about

I am reading...The Pursuit of God, Atlas Shrugged

I am hoping...that my current tummy ache is not about to become a major sickness

I appreciate... a call this morning from a new friend just wanting to say hi

I am hearing...the computer hum, the dog's nose on the blinds as he tries to look out the window

One of my favorite things... Jacob singing in church... love to listen to him

I am praying...for my friend Lisa who buried her mom on Saturday

A picture to share...


MOM said...

that's our Jacob! : )

Lisa notes... said...

This list is so you. I love you much, Brenda.

Kristy said...

Great idea for blogging. I have been going through some emotional crisis lately (I will call it my hormonal psychosis). Anyway, because I have gone crazy, I have not blogged.... Good reading one of your posts. Good luck on your book!