Monday, September 20, 2010


Outside my window...darkness, my across-the-street neighbor's porchlight
I am thinking...about transparency and healing and God's love
I am thankful for...some new friends (and a bible study) even when I really wasn't wanting any

In the learning rooms... Sarah got accepted into NJHS! Also, I've been helping my homegirl Melissa with her writing class and frankly, feel very concerned that her teacher is allowed to teach.
I am eating...nothing, but earlier ate some cookies and Cheez-its and I wish I hadn't
I am wearing... Pooh Bear night shirt that says "Friends make your dreams sparkle" (Huh?)
I am creating...a glorious novel
Around the house... cleaned, cleaned, cleaned today
From the kitchen....Libby made the most delicious cake from Taste of Home magazine a couple nights ago- Vanilla Ring Cake... oh my. I'll share the recipe soon.
I am bed in a bit and hopefully to sleep, but you never know...
I am reading...The Pursuit of God, Atlas Shrugged (still). Be expecting Atlas Shrugged on this list for a long time to come.
I am hoping...that I will get the job I interviewed for last week! It's about as close to perfect for me right now that I think I will find. :-)
I appreciate... God for whispering to me that He will "never leave me nor forsake me"
I am hearing...the computer hum and myself typing, the chair creaking
One of my favorite things... Soft Scrub foaming cleanser for kitchens (lemon scent)
I am praying...for my cousin Kristy who is having emotional psychosis ;-)

A picture to share... my dad's parents' grave... lovingly decorated by my dad's brother. Possibly the best decorated grave in the entire cemetery.


Kristy said...

Brenda - you SO made me chuckle!

Love your list - and thanks for adding my nuttiness (I am a Cooney after all).

Love that you added a picture of the best decorated grave! Too bad Uncle Wayne won't be around after I go....At least I don't think he will????