Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday 9/25/10

Outside my window...night has fallen
I am thinking...about strongholds and addiction, freedom and healing
I am thankful for...the way God moves in my life, for knowing he is real
In the learning rooms...good progress reports for the kids (mostly great)
I am eating...some Gobstoppers and I should focus on the "stopper" part of that
I am wearing...long-sleeved button up shirt (sleeves rolled up), pajamas shorts- both plaid and both light blues, greens and yellows, but NOT matching
I am
I am church in the morning
I am reading...AS (Atlas Shrugged), Boundaries (with a sweet bunch of women I just discovered at church)
I am hoping...yes, I am
From the kitchen... soon, soon I will post the cake recipe
I appreciate...a new job that I love (so far) that really just seemed to fall from heaven and it's even close to Misty's office, so we can begin having lunch again weekly... yay!!!! :-)
I am hearing...stupid dog whining, Sarah texting (impatiently waiting for the computer)
One of my favorite homemade ice cream (especially with strawberries!)
I am praying...for strength this week, for a gracious spirit, for God to guide, for me to follow, for peace and more peace...