Friday, August 26, 2011

It Gets Worse

Warning: Not for the Squeamish! I learned a lesson today. If you snip off your dog's pawnails and draw blood- just let it bleed, or hold a cloth on it until it stops. Do not apply a tournaquet and leave it on all night. Otherwise you might end up with a $130 vet bill, two medications and.... .... a dog whose paw looks like this....

When I removed his cute little bandaging this morning, I found his paw all swollen and just sort-of dangling there. The vet thinks it may just be because I cut off the circulation to the area, but it also could be infected (which could be related to the circulation being cut off). I did NOT mean to or realize I had fastened it so tightly! I was just trying to keep blood off the carpet! Poor Rufus came home from the doctor and went straight under my bed (after I made him pose for a picture), which is where he goes when he's scared of the vacuum or otherwise wants to be alone. Poor baby. :-(