Friday, August 19, 2011

Newest Bargain

The previous owners of my house put a nice nail in the brick beside my front door upon which to hang something pretty (.... well.... maybe they had a "No Trespassing" sign hung from it, who knows...) But I choose to hang something pretty on it. I had a wreath there but I never thought it looked the greatest and the kids kept complaining it was ugly (well, by "kids" I mean the girls... Jacob probably never noticed it was there and wouldn't care if he did!) If you scroll down about 6 or 7 posts, you can see the wreath in the background of the picture of the girls on their first day of school. Anyway... a couple nights ago I found this cute metal butterfly thingy on the Clearance shelves at Michaels for 70% off..... only $6! I really like it. I probably could have taken a picture at a better time of day when there wasn't a shadow from the support beam...... but, you get the idea.


Melissa said...

That looks really good! I assume the girls approve? :)

MOM said...

wow, I love butterflies