Saturday, August 13, 2011


Outside my window... it's sunny and 79, but I imagine it's going to get much hotter
I am thinking... about everything I need to do to get the house cleaned up today
I am wondering... what the kids are doing right now
I am thankful...for a comfy home
In the learning rooms... I am preparing for Friday when my FOUR classes start and praying I can handle them AND a part-time job
In the kitchen... I made some delicious cookies yesterday for the guys at work... oatmeal with butterscotch chips.... they were a big hit, very yummy
I am eating...Peanut butter crackers and a Diet Coke for breakfast
I am resolving...To start eating better
I am kids off to school every day, thankful for good schools
I am wearing...Blue and white checked men's xxl shirt I bought because it looked comfortable and fits like a nightgown! No shoes. Covered in a quilt.
I am creating... jewelry again! I need a creative outlet for my mental health.
I am church tomorrow at The Rock and nowhere else this whole weekend
I am looking forward... to worshipping God tomorrow at The Rock
I am reading... "The Help"... wanting to finish it before I see the movie
I am praying....For my kids more and more the older they get
I am family, my parents, my sister and brother... for always being there
I am discovering....that mowing the lawn and maintaining the landscaping is hard work
I am hearing....Marcia Brady looking for her diary on TV... she's so sure someone stole it
I am realizing... that life is expensive
I am wanting....Rufus to go away ;-)
I am studying...Soon to be Business Statistics, Economics, Business Law and Organizational Communication... wow. Scares me just seeing it written out.
Around the house.... every room needs to be cleaned from top to bottom and tons of laundry needs doing
I am have all that cleaning done by the end of the day tomorrow
One of my favorite things....Watching The Brady Bunch from the first episode thanks to Netflix.
A few plans for this week....Finish up my work at the store, find a new job that will fit my schedule, drive the kids to all their various activities, mow the lawn, sleep, rest up in preparation for the start of classes Friday!