Sunday, February 21, 2010

Born to Amuse

Sarah and I, whilst in Birmingham waiting on Jacob's game to start this morning, went to look for a Walmart to buy some Benadryl and Kleenex, as she was having allergy problems. We were driving through a random parking lot and saw these two people just sitting there in the parking lot. I said, "Ummm... what are they doing?" And I answered myself, "I have NO idea, but I have to get a picture of this". So I took their picture from afar so you could see they are just sitting in a big parking lot-- and you can't see this, but they are looking straight at a Sonic restaurant. Sarah and I could not stop laughing.On the way back to the hockey rink, we circled back through the parking lot in order to get some more photos of them and Sarah got the picture below of them. The woman is in some kind of wheelchair, but the man is sitting in a beach chair of some sort. I assume that is their car behind them, as it was the only one anywhere near them.

Maybe you had to be there.... ;-) but it surely made Sarah and I laugh. Glad I had my camera handy, aren't you?


Kristy said...

Okay, that cracked me up too!

The Ahmeds said...

HAHAHA!.....I wonder why they didn't go just to Sonic.....better than just sitting there.( well, they didn't have kids, so that made it eaiser...)