Saturday, February 13, 2010


My good friend Sonja (with BFF qualities, but not really my BFF) told me that I need to put something new on my blog because the post about the shooting at my daughter's school was beginning to depress her. I hope the Smiley will help you Sonja.

Unfortunately I have more bad news... a week after that shooting, there has been a mass shooting at my husband's school. Thank God I had already spoken to him and knew he was at home when I heard on the radio that faculty had been killed at his University when another professor had gone on a rampage. Oh, the insanity of this! And he knows most of the professors involved and he's pretty shaken. Sarah, on her way to a retreat with the youth group, called me from the van and to tell me she had heard about the shooting... wanted to make sure her dad was okay... my prayer is God will use this retreat to heal her wounded soul. I won't say much more because I don't want to depress Sonja... but just pray for our family.... this is alot to take in one weeks' time.

Meanwhile, it continues to stay heavy on my heart as another dear friend of mine watches her father die of lung cancer. I love you Lisa! I pray for you multiple times a day! Your faith encourages mine to grow stronger.

And another thing... to lighten the mood a bit... I thought I lived in Alabama. What's with this winter? Global warming is giving us more snow this winter than I have seen in one winter since I've lived here. And it's cold. (Usually is when it snows). But what I am saying is that usually we get a few cold days here and there and lots of moderate days. Not this winter. Okay, so we never get enough to make it look like this, but isn't this a beautiful picture?

I don't know- but they say more snow on the way tomorrow and I am SO ready for spring.

Last night Sonja (you know, the Not-BFF) and I took our jewelry to a little show at a coffee shop and sold a bit. We had fun hanging out and seeing some old friends. I forgot my camera... but if you want to see our stuff in person and live around here... you can visit The Saving Way and see it for yourself- and a portion of what you buy there benefits this awesome ministry. :-)

Now here's some really good news...... I've lost 13 pounds since the beginning of January! Woo hoo! Go me! Well, I should say "Go God" because it's all Him. By the time it actually warms up- there's going to be alot less of me and I'm going to be ready for a new wardrobe! :-)

And no dog, yet. I'll keep you posted on that.

So........ that's my life in review. Sorry my blog entries tend to be about multiple things. My life is so full of activity, blogging time is hard to find!

"Now all glory to God our Father forever and ever! Amen." Philippians 4:20


The Ahmeds said...

yes, very sad....but I'm glad your husband is okay!

Sonja said...

Brenda you crack me up!! You know I meant that in a NICE way!! :)

Kristy said...

Brenda, I couldn't believe when I heard about the shooting at Tim's work. Wow, the odds of that are just crazy. I pray for your family - and for some CALM and peace for a long while!

Yeah for you with the 12 lbs!!! What are you doing? Diet? Exercise? Both? I would love to lose 12 lbs right now, but seem to be stuck on a certain number - and it will not go down!

Brenda said...

Katy, you are so very sweet with your kind comments. :-)

Sonja, if anyone but you had said it, I would question how "nice" it was... but I think I get what you were saying. Just don't think I'm going to forget it any time soon. Anyway, the feeling is mutual. So we're good.

Kristy... Prayer. That's how I've lost the weight. I asked the God who created the Universe and my body to take away my unsatiable interest in food and He did. I continue to surrender daily. So I'm keeping the calories under 1500 (more like 1200) and trying to exercise because I know that's good for me emotionally and physically... but I find it hard to find time for the exercise, to be honest. But, anyway... I'm just eating ALOT less than I did before. Still enjoying what I enjoy. Loving God more every day.