Friday, February 19, 2010


We got a dog. He is a Whippet (got him from breeders) and his name is Tyler. He is about six months old and is seen here with the welcoming committee from the neighborhood when he arrived at his new home. So far.. we are having the normal struggles with a new puppy. I was trying to like him until he pooped all over my house repeatedly. So we are learning about crate training and such. He's also a bit skiddish and he cries ALL NIGHT long. Ummm.... *I* wanted to go get a Haitian orphan instead of a dog... I'd much rather be kept up by a crying baby than a stupid dog. (Amen?) But... anyway... maybe we will become friends some day when he learns where to deficate and learns some obedience skills. He does have a sweet temperment.


The Ahmeds said...

Oh! how sweet! I like dogs, but Mom says "no" because three kids are enough for her, and VJ's our pet.No cats either, because Noah ( and I, though Mom doesn't believe it) are allergic to cats.