Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Awesome Work

While browsing at a thrift store a couple months ago (The Saving Way for people here locally), I found this little table/cabinet for $10 that I thought, with some TLC, could be restored into something cute and useful in my home.

Libby needed a bedside table, so my plan was to sand a little, paint it white (with trim paint I already have) and then trim it out with leftover lime green paint from her bedroom walls. I figured it would take me about a day to get it done. I don't know who painted it before me (and please forgive me if YOU donated this table to The Saving Way....ha ha) but they were either blind, in a hurry or ran out of paint before they finished. The paint job was not good. I actually think they may have painted it with primer and called it good. (It wasn't). I moved it to the back porch for sanding, which took alot longer than I anticipated, but the paint just kept peeling off... either that or I just enjoyed using that electric-powered sander! :-) To prove how much work I did on the sanding, my shoulders hurt for two days afterward!

So far, so good. Then I went to carry it into the house to paint (because it was cold outside) and I DROPPED it before getting it in the house. The door on the cabinet was ajar and it landed on the door, snapping it off!!! :-( I was so mad at myself! I attempted to fix it, but realized soon it was out of my area of expertise, so I had to call in the big guns.... Tim. Unfortunately, it takes the Big Guns a while to get around to my projects.... so it waited, partially painted, in the dining room for a few weeks. I finally glued some of the pieces back together with Mod Podge. Here is a picture of it with a coat of primer and the door is not attached, it is just jammed in there and being held up by a bottle of Mod Podge.

Today..... Tim finally put on the new brackets and I got to work painting. It took the coat of primer plus 3 coats of paint to cover it. And I had very little of the lime green paint left, so I used it sparingly. Then I bought some wall clings to decorate it and Libby and Sarah went crazy with them. (I would have used fewer myself- but that's just me!) I still think it looks super cute. And Libby really likes it. It will be easily re-done if she ever changes her room. It will be moved beside her bed probably tomorrow. Here she is placing the remaining clings onto her walls.
And finally, as a bonus for your viewing pleasure, whilst shopping at yet another thrift store a couple days ago, I found this picture for my bedroom that looks so cute! It really goes well with the new quilt (which I am including again below). The frame will have to be replaced... but I LOVE the picture.

Maybe this will be the last house decorating post for a while! :-)


MOM said...

It sure is a better post than the sinkhole. That was too scary to even think about.

The Ahmeds said...

It surley is your awesome work!!! hahaha! really cute! lime green walls! way to bright for me! i've got aqua walls. my other firned from our church has BRIGHT lime green walls!

Kristy said...

I don't know Brenda - I have a feeling there will be many to come! You are into the redoing and remodeling - and discovering great finds!
I think that came out SO adorable! You could defintely make money off these projects of yours!
(Oh, and I hate when something falls outside my area of expertise - because I am impatient waiting on my "Big Guns" to do things as well!)

Jenna said...

wow. you are so creative! very very cute!
(btw, i really enjoy reading your house decorating posts.. very inspiring! ha)