Saturday, June 26, 2010

Church Camp

BTW, in my last post- I took that picture of the moon out my office window and then, courtesy of Walgreens, tinted it red. It turned out pretty neat, don't you agree?

But this post is about church camp.

Did you go to camp when you were a kid? (Or maybe you are still a kid?) I went to Girl Scout camp and to winter church camp in Michigan growing up and had so much fun. This year, Libby went to camp with our church and had an "amazing time" (her words). She was the only of the three kids whose schedule allowed for it, but next year, they all want to go.

When I pulled into the camp to drop her off.... I suddenly wished I was a camper instead of a parent dropping off a camper. This is not to say I want to chaperone camp. This is to say that I had a longing to be a kid again. To find my cabin and stake out a bunk. To stay up late giggling. To take a shower in a bath house. To sing Kum-by-yah around a campfire. To wonder which boys like which girls. :-) The camp she went to is everything you think a church camp would look like. And it's on a lake with a beautiful view. When I went back to get her on Sunday, she couldn't stop talking about all she had done and how much fun she had. As a bonus, they had a church service for parents and kids in this pavilion:
There's something about "church" outside. It was refreshing. Right up until I felt a sting on the inside of my arm and within five minutes had pain shooting through my arm. I didn't see what bit me and I've never had a reaction to a bug like that, so it scared me a bit. I told the lady next to me and she pointed out a pharmacist who was standing a few feet away, who took me to the camp nurse, who diagnosed it as a bite by one of these:

My first fire ant sting after nearly 16 years in Alabama! She gave me Benadryl and an ice pack. Boy did it hurt. Off and on all day. And then it itched for 3 days. I cannot imagine how these people feel who step in a mound and get stung multiple times. I shutter to think of it.
And that was the point when I remembered that I'm not really an outdoorsy girl- and summer camp was always more scary to me then fun... and I'm happy my child had fun, but content now to be the adult who drops her off and gets to hear her stories.


Kristy said...

I missed out on the joys of any kind of camp whatsoever...
However, living down in "Fire Ant Central" - I have gotten bit more times than I could ever count.
When Joshua was a toddler - I was visiting a friend when Joshua was playing in the yard nearby. He reached down and scooped up a handful of what he (and I) thought was dirt. He began screaming at the top of his lungs. He grabbed a fist full of fire ants. His poor chubby hand swelled with around 20 bites. It was so awful! I called our pediatrician frantically - and gave him the Benadryl and pain medicine the nurse told me to give. Ouch!!

The Ahmeds said...

Glad Libby had a nice time!

I do not like fire ants! i've gotten bitten plenty!
Once, a few years ago, Mom, Noah and I were going to Sams, and while Mom was getting a cart from the rack,r something from the van, I suggested to Noah that we run up this hill, that was in front of our van. So we climbed up,( and barefoot)and all of a sudden, Noah's screaming, and Mom's brushing fire ants off his feet. Mom and I both got a few bites, but Noah got the most. We had to take him home, put his feet in icey water, and gave him medicine, and a pop.