Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

A tribute to this man.... My dad... who conveniently was born on the 22nd of June, so I can save postage by just mailing a birthday and Father's day gift at the same time....... is.........

Foot rub lover (and provider to Libby)
Army Veteran
Talented (multi)
Hard-headed, I mean hard-working
Royal Priest (of the Most High God)

My dad....
.... is the 6th of 8 children
.... was a "hoodlum" as a teenager, which is what attracted my sweet mom to him
.... served in the Army during Vietnam, living in Thailand part of that time and then spent many years in the National Guard
.... became a christian in his 20s
.... can fix just about anything
.... once tried to cook a squid in a frying pan and sent us kids running screaming into the street when it started flailing around
.... worked at his job, as if for the Lord... overtime, anytime, all the time... to provide
.... had a pilot's license for many years
.... survived cancer
.... knows Morse Code (from his days in the army)

.... sees nothing wrong with the use of MIs in worship to God
.... will likely burn in hell because of it
.... has a daughter with a cynical and sarcastic wit!
.... knows Sign Language and work(s) with the deaf at church

.... is actively involved in a church ministry that distributes clothes and food to the needy
.... has 3 children and 10 beautiful grandchildren
.... has been married for almost 45 years (to the same woman)
.... loves God

Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday dad!



Anonymous said...

Lovely tribute! You are cracking me up with the MI comments!

Chris Ahmed

Kristy said...

Love your tribute!

I know your Dad must have also!!