Saturday, May 26, 2012

Libby and I Get our Craft On

Libby and I like to work on craft projects together.  We also enjoy spending large amounts of time walking around Hobby Lobby together.  So, she recently saw this "Menu Board" idea on Pinterest and wouldn't rest until we had made one for our kitchen.  Here is our finished product.  If you want to see the original and/or order a kit to make your own, go here.  Libby and I chose to make our own just from looking at the picture.  We did use the templates available at that website for the placards. 
 What was amazing was that we started our exploration for a magnet board at Schoolcraft and found this "Classroom Conduct Chart" which was the perfect size and came with  20 magnetic strips that would have ordinarily been used to write students names... but were the perfect size for writing our meals on.  It also had two perfectly placed holes at the top for hanging! When we found this board, Libby said, "God really wants us to make this".  :-)  I don't know whether I would go that far.

 Love me some Mod Podge.
 First we covered the magnet board with scrapbook papers by gluing them down with Mod Podge.

 I made a little pocket from some colorful, coordinating paper, while Libby glued on ribbon.  The pocket holds the strips that have the names of potential meals.
 These were the templates we printed from the website.  Our printer insisted on printing them in pink, so I went over them with red marker.
 We employed the hot glue gun for the ribbon.

 And the button flowers.
 These are blurry, but we purchased white bottle caps at Hobby Lobby and glued the days of the week to the tops.  For our menu board, we just stuck them to the board, since our meal cards are magnetic.  Another way to do it would be to make these bottle caps into magnets and the meal cards just out of paper or card stock and then you stick the meal to the board with the day of the week magnet.
We were very proud of our pretty and practical creation.  This morning, we planned our weekly menu and went grocery shopping.  Oh, the only thing still missing from the board is a sticky note pad in the lower right corner for a "shopping list" pad.  We forgot to get one at the grocery store.  But we will glue one on as soon as we get one.


Misty said...

I want one!!!! So cute!

Lilyan H. said...

I want one, too!