Monday, May 7, 2012

My garden and how it grows

No one out there will be as excited about this as I am, but the truth is, people, you don't have to read my blog.  That is entirely your own choosing.  I don't know whether you read it or not. I don't even know who you are.  Frankly, I don't even really care that much.  I write it for myself because it makes me feel good.  And I know my mom reads it and likes whatever I write.  :-) Having said that, look at my lucious garden!!!!!!!!! 
I don't know why it is amazing me so much that it actually works... you can actually put seeds (or seedling plants you buy at Home Depot) into dirt.... keep the dirt watered.... let the sun do its work... and.... food grows!  God is simply amazing.  And if you have never grown a vegetable in your life, well, I highly recommend it.  It is a very satisfying endeavor.  I feel kind-of funny saying this because my first husband loved to grow a garden and I always hated it when he did and complained about it constantly.  I don't even know why.  I was really wrong about that!

Anyway......  that was certainly a side-track I didn't mean to take!  Ha.  Look!  Tomatoes.  This tomato plant looks as though it will be very prolific!  I counted like  20 tomatoes growing!
The squash (yellow) plants have pretty much taken over with their HUGE leaves.  You can't see it, but I think they have smothered the zucchini, so I am not expecting any zucchini.  In the lower right corner is some cilantro and frankly, I just planted that to be hip.  I will probably never use it, and Rufus likes to go out there and eat it... so I let him.
Little flowers on the green bean plants!
 Squash growing!  I simply cannot wait until these are ripe and I can fry some and grill some!
 Cucumber plants.... I love me some cucumbers from the garden!
Not pictured are some green peppers.  Whenever I finally get to actually eat any of this.... I will surely be back to blog about it!!  Very exciting stuff!


MOM said...

I love your blog, your garden and you and not necessarily in that order! Are you sure those are cucumber plants? look like peas to me but what do I know.

Lilyan H. said...

I think your mom is right. ;)

Sarah Grace said...

It's funny after I posted that, I was looking at some gardening pages on the internet and I thought... those are not cucumbers. I was wondering what they were! Ha ha! I know I planted cucumbers, too... but I do not know where I planted them. I guess I will be surprised. Thank you for clearing up that they are peas! :-) I do now remember planting sugar snap peas!

Sarah Grace said...

Oh sorry. Sarah was signed in, but that last comment was from me (Brenda) and not Sarah.