Sunday, May 6, 2012

Life, Death, Other Light Topics

Another Sunday night comes to a close.  And I should have mowed the lawn today.  But I didn't.  The weekends go so fast when I work all day Friday AND Saturday.  That just leaves Sunday and that, my friends, is not much of a weekend.  I shouldn't complain.  I got alot of quality (i.e. laughing) time with friends this weekend.  So it's all good.
Friday morning it happened.  Sarah reached another milestone.... she is now a licensed driver (and boater, for another $5.... and we don't even own a boat?). 

And here's some other life highlights:

-Carrying a basket of cleaning supplies to the car today, I tripped over my own feet and fell to the ground (wearing shorts) and skinned my knee just like I'm a kid on the pavement.  Jarred my back and hip as well.  Hello???
-Been neglecting my dog.  But he has a friend coming to spend the weekend.  He doesn't know, yet- it's a surprise.  Tammy's German Shepherd puppy, Nova, is coming to stay.  I can't wait!
-Two classes down, one final exam to go on Wednesday!  My summer class (just one class) starts May 30, so I have a little break.  (Yay!)
-I had some other topics to discuss when I sat down here, but I lack the necessary concentration skills at the moment.  So check back later!


MOM said...

Good. She can take me for a ride in a boat if she had a boat. : )