Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother's Day Gifts

Praise the Lord, this was the first year in ages that my kids didn't make me a bunch of (very special and heart felt) construction paper signs and cards and tape them up all over the house.  While beautiful and while I certainly appreciated the love and thought- I never knew what to do with those things when the day was over.  I have a dresser drawer full of them.  This year I got some real presents. Yay! (Well, Libby couldn't resist and made ONE folding card with a glittered "I love you"... I can handle ONE- I know that girl loves paper, glue and glitter!)

Sarah made me this gorgeous scrapbook with pictures of me and the kids- I really love it!

Japanese Cherry Blossom is my favorite fragrance from Bath and Body Works.  And Libby knows I love to color!  (We both love to color, actually).

 Each one of them painted a pot for me.  These are going in my bedroom as soon as I clear a space for them!!!

And they bought me some roses.

And this gift was from Jacob!  I asked him if he picked it out himself and he said, "Well, the girls let me pick from three things and sign my name".  :-)


Kristy said...

How sweet! They did a good job!