Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where Are My Cucumbers?

As was suggested in the comments of my last post.... I really don't know much about gardening!  So, what grew in the spot where I *THOUGHT* I had planted cucumbers were actually Sugar Snap Peas.  I do remember planting the peas, as well, so no worries on that.  However, I have searched the garden (all 16 sq ft of it) and I don't see anything resembling what I now know to be a cucumber plant (thanks to Google Images). 

The thing is... I know I planted cucumber seeds!  For one thing, the seed packet is open.  For another, CUCUMBERS ARE MY FAVORITE.  Why would I plant all this other stuff and not cucumbers???!!!!  And if I did, indeed plant them, where are they?  Because that garden is not that big.  I took advantage of all the space possible.

So.  Either:
-I am not seeing them and will be pleasantly surprised to find cucumbers in my garden one day
-I am losing my mind
-I am not going to have cucumbers this year
-OR.... it's not too late and I still have time to grow cucumbers!!!  It's only May the 9th.  Surely I still have time????  I have to find the answer to this.  I will plant a whole pot full of them!

More to come on the mystery of the missing cucumbers!


Lilyan H. said...

Just go to Walmart or Home Depot and purchase some already growing cucumber plants. It's probably a little too late to start them from seeds again. I thought they were a little difficult to grow. Also, you need to grow them in "hills"-- mound up the dirt in 1-2 foot diameter circles and plant them in the middle. Do that with your squash, too. I don't recall where I learned to do that, but they grew better when I grew them on hills.