Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flat Tire

So, the day I got my nails done, I was doing what should never be done... because it's illegal and dangerous... I was trying to send a text... and I swerved while entering the highway and hit the curb. All seemed okay, though, so I went on to work. Then I left work in the afternoon, picked up my kids and drove home. At the entrance to my apartment complex, my tired went flat. I know God was surely watching over me since the tire made it all the way home. You can't see so much in the picture, but the tire was seriously damaged and it didn't take a tire expert to see it.

My friend Tammy was nearby, so she came to "help". Her idea of helping was to start getting the spare out of the trunk and hope that a big strong man (who knew what he was doing) would stop and help us! Well, we got started with the help of my dad on the phone while several men drove right by us! Finally the apartment maintenance man came by and did the hard work. I watched him carefully and think I could probably do it myself next time. But I was so thankful for the help. This was probably my first I-really-wish-I-was-married moment and I came through it fine! Because MY husband is the biggest and strongest and happens to be the Ruler of the Universe and he can just speak and hold my tire together. :-)

P.S. Happy birthday Jacob! (More later on that... I haven't seen him, yet, today :-( ).


Lisa notes... said...

So now we have matching flat tire pictures. :-) If it makes you feel better, no man stopped to help me either (until I called Jeff--you can always call him too). Have we lost our touch? Ha.

I'm proud of you for starting to change it on your own, but glad you didn't have to finish the job. Go, God, for always helping us in our troubles, one way or another.

Melissa said...

I think you are missing the very clear message from God. DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE. Not only is it just dangerous, but you are breaking the law of the land while you are at it. Tsk Tsk Like a good Father, you were taught a lesson and He still helped you through it. :)