Friday, March 25, 2011

In The Past

An interesting thing I have learned about the past is that it doesn't exist. As soon as I have lived a moment, it is gone never to be reclaimed. We say something is "in the past" just like we would say something is "in the bedroom" or "in the closet".... when in actuality... nothing is in the past because the past is gone. If there is something in the closet, that presumes I can go and get it. If something is in the past... I cannot go and get it. I cannot touch it, relive it or change it..... I can do nothing with it. I can see the CONSEQUENCES of things that have happened in the past... I can see the scars (and the beauty)... but I cannot see the past. God is the "I AM". He is here in this moment. And I want to be where He is.

So I was told... when something comes into my head that is "in the past" and I hurt because of it, or I carry it around with me...... or let myself be accused because of it ... I am to tell myself it doesn't exist.

Surprisingly... repeatedly telling myself something doesn't exist has given me a great deal of freedom. I know it happened. But I also know it is NOT currently happening and does not exist any longer. All there is ... is now.

So here I am. Today. Now. Free of the past.


Kristy said...

Very good point Brenda! Especially helpful to get past something hurtful, or an especially hard time - in the "past".