Friday, March 18, 2011

More Things Going on in My Life

I picked up this book for just a few dollars on the clearance rack at the bookstore and was almost done with it before I realized it was the first book in a trilogy. I really enjoyed it and so I ordered (and received yesterday) the second two books. Can't wait to get started reading them! I'll write more after I finish them. I have been trying to memorize Philippians... and I printed off the whole book from this neat website that my friend Lisa told me about and pasted it in this little notebook that I carry around in my purse. I have not made alot of progess on it, but still I keep carrying it. :-)

I splurged and got this awesome ESV study bible... I just love it and it has sort-of re-energized me to get back to reading every day, highlighting, journaling, etc.

My friend Tammy has started doing nails again, so I took advantage of her services. I had to file my thumbs so I could text!! But I just love them!

While the girls and I were in Nashville for Jacob's hockey tournament, we went and toured the Belmont mansion at Belmont College. It was actually an interesting tour/story- I recommend it! And I bought this lovely nylon-fabric-covered candle holder in the gift shop. I love it.

I know these blog posts aren't very exciting... but at least I am posting!!! :-)


MOM said...

they are all interesting to me and I love them. Keep it up.