Monday, March 7, 2011


Jacob had a big hockey tourney in Nashville over the weekend. Between games the girls and I had a glorious time... shopping, eating out, site-seeing, parking illegally to run into a 25+ story hotel and ride the elevator that went up the side.... it was such a fun weekend. I didn't get many pictures, though. Here are a few I did get:
1) I opened an abandoned magazine in the ice rink and found this. Who would do this??? :-) 2) The girls loving on their brother. Not the best picture of him, but it is hard to get him to hold still.

3) Jacob during the relay comeptition. He was skating so fast, I couldn't get an in-focus picture. Ha.

4) That's Jacob on the right side of the picture in the blue... taking a shot on goal.

5) Jacob taking the face off.

Perhaps these hockey and soccer posts look the same after a while. :-)


MOM said...

there can never be enough pictures of the grandchildren.

Kristy said...

Yeah, the baby pic is a bit scary!

Your kids are beautiful! Libby looks like she's grown a couple years older since I last saw a picture of her! So pretty.

Glad to hear you & the kiddos are having fun!