Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm a Book Girl

I went to the public library tonight to study. I was studying my "Fundamentals of Accounting" materials... trying to work on some extra credit problems that I put off until the last minute. I thought it would be a good place to study, but it was actually hard to concentrate with all those books around me wanting to be picked up, skimmed over, caressed and read.I tried to resist, but that proved to be too hard and I found a book I wanted to take home. So I went to the counter to check it out. I haven't been to the library in a long time and was informed I had a $9 fine on my card. This is the part where you need to keep in mind I was at the library for the purpose of studying Accounting. I had only a $20 bill and a couple of Ones, so I handed her the twenty and asked if they had change, to which she replied, "I think so", to which I replied, "Would it help if I gave you a $1, too?" She just stared at me, confused. Okay, so in what possible way would it help to give her $21 to pay a $9 fine??!!!! So then we both started laughing and she said, "Don't confuse me with math, I'm a book girl". And I said, "Me too" So I got back to my table to return to my studying... and stared at my Accounting book and, feeling sort-of sad, sort-of tired, sort-of wistful, I asked myself the obvious question... "Why is a 'book girl' studying Accounting?" Someone please tell me what to do with my life! :-)


MOM said...

You can be how ever many "girls" that you want to be. Hang in there. this is your and your kids future you are talking about.

Kristy said...

It must be in the blood... I am SUCH a book girl!! I wonder the same thing myself... I can't read or write while nursing - except scribbles on charts... Being a writer would be my dream job.

Funny though, I have thought about going into accounting over the years - but the nurturer in me thought taking care of people might be more suited for me.

Just think, being an accountant will afford you all the books you may want to read.

Michele Cooney said...

You should write!! Really!! You are a self proclaimed "book girl", you have a degree in English, it sounds like a great fit to me. You could submit articles to newspapers and magazines, or write children's books. I think you would be great at it!