Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Life

When I was a young(er) girl, I dreamt of getting married and buying an old farm house. We'd live a peaceful, happy life with a few happy, frolicking children. I would happily keep my house sparkling clean, make pies and delicious meals from the fresh produce from our garden. We would call dinner "supper". On summer days, I would hang the laundry on my clotheslines. When it rained, I would sit on the covered porch and smell the wet earth....

Well, things didn't work out quite that way... although I did enjoy many years as a homemaker and stay-at-home mom, for which I am thankful.

My life has changed, though. And I find myself still longing for that farm house.

In some ways, I can say the changes in my life have been for the better. In other ways.... well... see for yourself. I'm not going to say that I always kept an immaculate house when I was a full time mom and homemaker, but since becoming a single, working mom, and part-time student, my home is pretty consistently messy these days. I just can't keep up with it. And I don't like that. And I can't take responsibility for the girls' room being a mess, but I can't keep up with keeping on them about it, either. So Sarah and her friend sit on un-made beds with clothes scattered all over the floor to study. They don't seem to mind. I do not see how they can study in this environment.

My bedroom is neater than theirs, but my bed is usually covered in school books, papers, the laptop, etc. Often I fall asleep with this stuff around me.

The loveseat has been converted into a "laundryseat", as it is usually covered in clean, unfolded laundry. Often much more than this...

And, I'm studying Accounting, but managing my own checkbook has proven to be beyond my abilities most of the time....

I spend my days "building an empire" of furniture and appliance stores (quote by my boss). Really? When did my life become about empire-building??

I spend my evenings running the kids around and going through drive-thrus because I'm too tired to cook. When I have spare time, I use it to sleep.

Is this a blog post or a prayer request? Ha ha. :-)
It's really just a glimpse into my life. My next post will be more positive!


Misty said...

I think you are doing an AWESOME job!! It may be a crazy life...but it is your life!! :)

Melissa said...

Well, you know I always keep my house spotless so I don't understand your problem. :)

The post before showed you being so organized and pre-cooking meals. I think you are doing better than most people would be under the circumstances!! I'll keep praying for you though.

Kristy said...

I feel the same about some of my blog posts - prayer requests in disguise, especially lately.

I too have finally given up on keeping my kids rooms clean. I try to get them to do it, but like you said, I get tired of even doing that! Making beds, forget it. Occasionally I will make mine. The rest of the house I spend my focus (and energy), because I CAN'T function if there isn't order somewhere!

Your farm dreamlike sounds like mine. Always knew we were kindred spirits :)