Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I think I need some encouragement. I've always thought of myself as a clean and tidy person. As a kid, I always wanted my room clean and picked up and since I shared with my messy sister, was often frustrated at her disinterest in my vision of cleanliness. At times, I voluntarily cleaned the house as needed- without being asked (is that the same as saying "voluntarily"?). In college, I was the only one who ever cleaned the bathroom I shared with three other girls. I've always been one who made my bed every single day. And I've tended to look down on people whose houses were in constant need of cleaning (my confession). Through the first couple of children I had, I was still on top of things in my home. And even through homeschooling, I think I made a pretty good effort. I think that was partly because I was on a schedule and things had to get done at a certain time. I think having three kids has caused me to lower my standards some for my own sanity. But here lately- when I have more time with my house than I ever have had.... I don't feel like doing much of any housework and I'm really starting to notice it around here. It's starting to get to me mentally. The kids' rooms are a mess, as always. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to walk by them to get to my room. I envy my friends who have their childrens' bedrooms on the other side of the house or upstairs where they don't have to see them. But- I do have to see mine and they are just not good at keeping them clean- I fear I am not teaching them well at all. On top of that, I cannot seem to stay on top of the laundry, wash sheets as regularly as I'd like, or even make my bed most days... I almost never dust, the kitchen floor is really, really in need of a good sweeping and scrubbing, the carpet in the living room and kids' rooms is stained and needs a good steam cleaning, there is just general clutter that needs to be picked up and there is alot of stuff that just needs to be thrown away.... I have trouble keeping the dishes done on a daily basis, bathrooms cleaned, counters in the kitchen clean, etc. etc. What I need is to find some motivation that I seem to be lacking and just take things one room at a time and CLEAN MY HOUSE. Does anyone know where I can get this motivation? Do they sell it on the internet? :-)
I *think* if I could get things cleaned up, I could get myself re-motivated to keep it clean. I think I am at a point now where I am feeling overwhelmed. Also, I need to be better about making my family help me. I don't know why I am typing this for anyone in cyberspace to read-- it's just what is on my mind today. Also, I was thinking if I made my "problem" publically known like this, I might feel shamed into doing something about it. We'll see....


Kristy said...

Okay Brenda, I must commend you - this is the most honest post ever. Bravely honest. I so wish that we lived near one another. I find the best way to get motivated is if I go to a friends house and help them clean, then I want to come home and clean my own. I would gladly come over and help you - if you weren't 6-7 hours away. Maybe you could offer the kids a treat/bribe for keeping their rooms clean - given on the weekend, if they comply. I wash clothes every night before bed. I put them in the washer, then the dryer, then go to bed. First thing in the morning, I turn on the dryer to get the wrinkles out. Then I fold them all, and at some point during the day, I put them away. I never was in the habit of making the kids beds everyday - sometimes not even my own. And like you, I have to pass all of their rooms on the way to my own. I wish they were all upstairs! Anyway, I have started making at the beds everyday, as soon as the kids get up (like when they are eating their breakfast), that way when they leave, I'm not spending my time making their beds. On the weekends - I make them make their beds. I feel like I feel better about my house, if all the beds are made, and am not embarrassed if someone stops by.
You have an award on my blog - so come get it. And I am so happy to say - I got "The Shack" today - and can't wait to have time to start reading it.