Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soccer Updates

Sarah had her tournament yesterday- her team tied both games 1-1. (No goals by Sarah, but she played strongly!) That put them in second place (out of three!) and makes it likely they will proceed to the next level of the tournament.... details are to come.

Jacob's game was at 8:30 and I thought it was at 9:45, so we completely missed it. Thankfully I checked the calendar before we drove all the way over there. But I felt really stupid and he was very disappointed. We originally thought it was his last game, but I found out today he has one more next weekend....

Libby had her second art class on Thursday and has made some very nice clay creations.... I'll try to take some pictures this week and post them.



Kristy said...

I'm happy that Jacob has one more game, since ya'll missed this one. Yeah for Sarah, on her 2nd place. And you had better post something on sweet little Libby!