Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It worked

I started cleaning this morning! No kidding! And I haven't even laid back down yet today and it's 9:31 a.m.! I have already gotten sheets washed and put back on two beds and two more are in the dryer. In addition, I have done ALL the dishes (big job!) and cleaned the counters and appliances in the kitchen. And put away alot of stuff that was in the kitchen that didn't belong there. The house is already smelling so good... I had bought a new Mr. Clean with Febreze scent... I really like it! My next job is to clean the kitchen floor. Then I'll move onto another room. But, that will be later because I have plans with friends... not that I don't want to do things with my friends, but I really hate to lose my momentum! :-)

I thought you might enjoy reading what I got in my email from my mom this morning. Isn't she funny? :-)

REASONS FOR A CLEAN HOUSE: (in no particular order)

1. It is your job description
2. You will feel better about yourself
3. Read Proverbs 31:10f
4. Your family will feel better
5. Your Mother will feel better
6. A place for everything and everything in it's place
7. Less stress to finding things
8. No germs
9. Healthier family and friends
10. No rush when company is expected
11. Good discipline for the children-to prepare them for life in the world
12. Good excersize
13. Pride in a job well done---don't read Proverbs 11:2 : )
14.Fewer household accidents
15.Need I go on?



Kristy said...

Yeah Brenda! I'm happy you got motivated to clean - and did it! We all have days that we don't feel like cleaning a thing. I get down many times thinking that all the straightening and cleaning I do today, will all be undone and have to be done tomorrow. Okay, don't let my comment kick you off the cleaning "horse". (Whatever that means!) Most of the time, I just try NOT to think like that. I know I do feel so much better when my house is clean and neat.