Friday, October 3, 2008


Sonja and I think we have found a name for our jewelry.... JEZELS; it is the first initials of all of ours kids' names... and is pronounced like "Giselle's"

Here are some pictures of our creations. The pictures are kind-of shadowy- I will work on some better ones. I seem to be attracted to the blues and earth tones for some reason. Sonja likes greens and browns and bright colors- she says green is the new black. She should know. Sometimes she laughs at what I create! Can you believe that?!!! Occasionally, I get her approval. We are thinking of having an "open house" in November, so most of what we are making is getting ready for that. After that, we are going to start posting on Ebay and stuff. Isn't this exciting?!
Our first customer, wearing a custom JEZELS design created by Sonja... who wouldn't be photographed without borrowing Sonja's lipstick first:


LaĆ­se said...

I loved your blog, dear!! So cute!!!!

Kristy said...

Beautiful. What kind of wire are ya'll using for the bracelets and necklaces - exactly what kind??!! (And size) I think ya'll have a great little business going there. Have you tried the stretchy string, or are you only using the wire? I have to try to make the necklaces and earrings next.