Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trip to Michigan

Here's a little photo journal of our Fall Break trip to Michigan in no particular order. I forgot to get my camera out at my parents' house and so I didn't get any pictures there or of our visit to my grandpa... I was really disappointed in myself about that. Most of these pictures are at Melissa's...

This was a common sight... Claudia, Kelli and Libby playing the Wii:

Libby, Claudia and Sarah in the backyard on the fort:
Sarah, my mom, Libby, Kelli and my dad on the day we left:

My sister completely redecorated her powder bathroom since I was there in June- it is SOOOO pretty- they did such a good job. I was (obviously) impressed.:
This is the pumpkin cake we made.... my cousin had made one that was so delicious, we got the recipe. Well, ours didn't turn out exactly like hers... but ours was really tasty, too. I plan to try it again now that I'm home and see if I can get it right this time- if so, I will post the recipe.
My silly niece Kelli being silly:

Sarah and Kelli:Melissa in the kitchen cooking chili. Yum! She didn't want her picture taken, so I had to sneak this one: My mom folding Melissa's laundry. (Believe me, I miss her folding my laundry):
Me, Libby, Sarah and my mom at the cider mill. I know Sarah's eyes are closed, but it was the best picture of me that I had. :-) The cider and doughnuts at this place were SOOOOOOO delicious:

Claudia and Libby on the front porch:
Melissa's husband David after a long day at work - with Kelli:

Libby and Sarah at my aunt and uncle's farm getting FREE pumpkins!:

This is the view from my sister's back deck. Isn't she lucky?! Notice the tree on the right side that is turning colors... there were several like that- I wish I could be there in a couple weeks when the colors are really at their peak. Anyway this faces West- so she gets to see the sun setting behind this barn all the time! I am so envious of this view. What I am NOT envious of are the snakes that like to sun themselves on that dirt road you see right in front of the barn. Yes, we took a walk down that road and saw TWO snakes. Here's an important thing you should know about me: I don't do snakes. But, I could look at this view all day.


Kristy said...

I love all the pictures! So happy to see pictures of you and Melissa's girls. Her view is absolutely beautiful. And wow - I haven't seen one picture of Melissa as an adult - I can still picture her face so clearly - as a young teenager! Also nice to see your parents - funny how all the Cooney "children" look more and more like Grandpa Cooney as they age!! (Your Dad!) I'm so glad you got to go and have a nice time.