Monday, October 13, 2008

The Shack

My dad gave me his copy of "The Shack" and I read it this weekend. It has gotten alot of publicity, some good and some bad, but it seems liked "everyone" is reading it, so my curiosity was up. I had read "The Wisdom Hunter" a couple months ago and actually enjoyed it better just as far as the story was concerned. But, spiritually, I have to say that The Shack has really impacted me far more than I was expecting. I don't want to give too much of it away, but to enjoy it, I think you have to first, realize you are reading a work of fiction and second, suspend your pre-conceived notions of what God is like. Even in trying to do this, there were times while I was reading that I just couldn't get past the inaccuracies that I saw. I don't know that I would call any of it heresy. But I felt there were a couple places where it really missed the mark doctrinely. And at times, maybe it just didn't quite portray God as I think I honestly see Him in the bible. But there were just a couple of places like that and I just glossed over them. Those are just my disclaimers.

I actually highly recommend the book, especially if you don't trust God's love for you. I came away from it with a new craving for God and a heightened sense of my own awareness of his presence in my life. And a stronger trust in that love that he has always shown me and I have not always appreciated. God is truly a loving and wonderful God... I love him more every day.


Kristy said...

It's great when we read a book and come away with loving God more! I can't wait to get it. I'll fill you in on my take as soon as I read it! I'm sure it will be quick.