Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful Day

I love this day! It has all of the characteristics I love in a day. First, there are huge snow storms going on SOMEWHERE ELSE in the U.S., so I get to enjoy the fact that I'm here and not there. I LOVE that. :-) Here in Alabama it is only raining and it is still Fall and this is the current view from my back windows and back porch:

it is a bit chilly and the perfect day for burning smelly-good candles:

and for enjoying the beautiful, deep-red, autumn-inspired mums that Tim brought home for me (I love mums!)

I have nowhere to go. And my favorite thing of all, (here is where I get sarcastic)... I have a really messy kitchen I get to clean up! What more could I ask for?!


Elsie said...

Those are all beautiful thoughts and pictures, and your kitchen still looks pretty good. (Wide angle shots have some advantages.) It brings to mind one of my favorite verses, Philippians 4:11 which states "I have learned, in whatsoever state I am [Ohio, Alabama, humble abode, castle, etc.], therewith to be content." As long as I have the Lord, I'm good to go, so to speak.

Kristy said...

It does sound like a beautiful day - minus the messy kitchen/cleaning part. I love the fall views! It is sunny and cool here, an absolutely beautiful breezy day!