Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Sarah and Libby in Chattanooga:

Sarah on Halloween- she was a "Barbie".
"Army guy" Jacob and his frightening friend, Alec, on Halloween.

Jacob ready to defend the goal:

Libby and Jacob with their friends Scott and Alaina playing on Rainbow Mountain (I know Libby's eyes are closed, but it takes SOOO long to download these pictures from Tim's camera that I don't have patience to look for another one):

Libby spent Halloween with some friends and I didn't get to see her in her costume, but the parents were supposed to send pictures- they just haven't, yet.


Kristy said...

I love to see pics of the kids. Jacob always looks so sweet and mild mannered. I know it's only a picture, but from what I see, he seems that way. Jalyn always wishes that she had a sister, especially one closer to her age. How is it having two daughters around the same age?

Elsie said...

I must say those are very cute pictures. Would "it does me proud" be the southern way of saying "I'm proud?"