Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things for Thursday

1) I hate looking for things. This morning we realized that we couldn't find Jacob's math homework that he had completed last night and the whole family searched the house looking for it. I'm okay for about the first 2 minutes of looking for something. After that, I just despise it and start to calculate the consequence of not finding it at all- wondering where it's better to just face the consequence than to keep looking. I'm not sure why that is... it's almost like... if the item I am looking for isn't in the most obvious places, then I start to realize it could be ANYWHERE and I could be looking for a long time and never find it. There is no promise, I guess, that the item will ever be found. I think I like to take on a task only if I know it can be completed. :-) (The homework still hasn't turned up... so he had to go to school without it).

So, for the sake of having something to say this morning, I tied this in my mind to a song that has been going through my mind lately... it goes, "I left the 99 to find the one... and you're the one". This is Jesus talking and referring to the parable (?) about the shepherd who left 99 sheep safe in the pen to go and look for the lost sheep because that's what a shepherd does. I love this song... I love the thought of Jesus looking for me... and I guess I am glad in thinking about it this morning that he doesn't share my disdain for looking for things. That he keeps searching, even though he knows that some of the sheep will never be found and some don't even want to be found. He's a loving Shepherd, definitely.

2) And this is where the thinking gets really hard. :-) While we are sheep and he is our Shepherd... he is also a sheep! He is the sacrifical Lamb of God... that's hard to get my mind around, but it's the reality.

And I wanted to share this awesome thought that the teacher shared in bible class last night (to give credit where it is due because I would rather just say that *I* came up with this). We were talking about Passover and, on Passover, a lamb was to be slaughtered about 3:00 in the afternoon. Jesus died on Passover and we know he died about that same time. I don't guess this is something I didn't already know. But, it gave me goose-shivers (I made that up) to really stop and think about the fact that at the very moment in Jerusalem in the temple, as the priest was slaughtering the Passover lamb that very day... Jesus was taking his last breath outside the city as the ultimate Passover Lamb. Kind-of cool, huh? What an awesome day... when it all came together and Jesus became the fulfillment of all the law that we could never keep! Yay!


Kristy said...

I have been looking for SEVERAL of Joshua's trains for close to 2 weeks now, and it has been driving me crazy. I have searched the entire house, and had just about given up. About an hour ago, I began to look again - I can't stand when I can't find something - and I peeked behind some book shelves in the den - thinking there is no way they could be there. I saw some little wheels in the dim light, and viola! Clay had to pull the bookshelf out, and we got out 5 engines, and about 4 coal cars. He was so happy. The places kids will put things! Oh, and the part about Jesus being crucified at the exact time the priest was offering the sacrifice is a "goose-shiver" thought for sure.